Afrisnet helped me when I was looking for internships

Afrisnet helped me when I was looking for internships in the United States. Now, I am in Minnesota (USA) for my agriculture training program through Communicating for Agriculture Exchange Program (CAEP). I am grateful for the Afrisnet help.  

Ange Uwera 



Afrisnet assisted me unceasingly 

" Information is key to get to your favorite area of study but also the right school to go to, especially in developed countries where schools and universities are numerous. AFRISNET members are the right people to consult and get valuable advice to accomplish you dreams. They unceasingly assisted me from choosing a better school, prepare required statements like statements of purpose and/or personal statements, which are key documents towards admission. Their intense assistance and wise advice led took me to Michigan Technological University where I will be doing Civil Engineering Master’ s degree. Thanks to AFRISNET."   

Achille KAGABO

 Afrisnet offered me help on my application documents

Since 2016, I was looking for either internship, school, or training in the United States, and there came Afrisnet! I worked with Afrisnet on my application documents, and they have offered me so much help. Now I have gotten an agriculture training through Communicating for Agriculture Exchange Programs (CAEP) in New York. I would like to appreciate all the help they have offered me, and their contribution to the development of Africans. 

Delphine Uwingabire

I have a CAEP training position in New York, USA! 

AFRISNET members helped me to improve application documents when I was seeking a research internship in the US. I currently have an internship position in New York through CAEP (Communicating for Agriculture Exchange Programs). Thank you, AFRISNET!

Delphine Umuhoza